Most headaches are result of habituated muscle tension (or sensory motor amnesia), particularly from what Thomas Hanna described as the “green light” reflex. This reflex is helpful when we need it, as it contracts muscles in the back of the body to get us ready to go. It occurs even slightly before we’re consciously aware of the need to move, such as when there’s a knock at the door or the phone rings. In most highly industrialized societies the green light reflex is triggered hundreds of times per day (or more) and our brains adjust to consider a more contracted state as the new normal. We then lose the ability to consciously, voluntarily release this habituated tension.

When muscles in the head, neck and back are tight a tension headache may result.

Migraine headaches may also result from tight muscles in the back of the body, particularly the muscles along the spine, by affecting blood vessels and neuropeptide levels.

Regaining voluntary control over these reflexive movement patterns with Somatic Movement will go to the root of the problem. It will reduce or even eliminate headaches without the need for drugs, injections or other expensive and temporarily effective measures.

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